Monday, December 17, 2007

My Chess Game

Reviewing my chess game:

Here is me running the game in vmware fusion

Yes, VS2005 runs nicely in unity, and when I use F5 to run... the program starts up in unity, very nice.

I need to get a few things completed on it before I go back to school

1) Networking & multiplayer over tcpip
2) prepare to have a new motion/kinetics system
3) prepare to have an ai (write eval function in script perhaps?)
4) add Xbox 360 controller Input (XInput) features.
5) change the skybox to a skydome.

Things I've accomplished on my first Weekend Home

1) Rather than reinstall osx I cleaned it
2) Reimaged my xp (Im going to be a osx/xp shop)
3) got bootcamp & vm fusion going on my xp partition (I didn't have that during school, only vmw)
4) Installed directx/vs2005/oblivion I now have only 2.5gig left on my xp partition (16 to start)
5) ran my chess game in vmware fusion (wohoo... its slow graphics refresh, but It is doable)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sweet Home Huron County

I made it back home.... ahhh homecooked meals and some sweet sweet 3 weeks of freedom

Friday, December 14, 2007

Adding Chrome to the firstXpcom lab

Following up from firstxpcom lab I am adding chrome to the lab

Follow the instructions and you should see this

Check out my zip of the extension

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Its Christmas soon

I want to do a few things during christmas

1) get more integration between xcode and firefox trunk
2) format/install my computers. mbp multiboot w/ gentoo/os x/windows vista
2b) get vmware fusion with ubuntu/xp on my os x partition
3) have a nice break
4) organize for my last semester at school (blogs for classes, wiki setup, gcal-update for new due dates, folder structure ready for classes/projects, svn)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Welcome back sports fans

For 0.3 I want to have a patch that can do italic/bold/oblique only if the found ATSUFontID is not already an ID for a italic/bold/oblique font.

I have a patch right now that allows me to piggy back on the size matrix to apply synthetic italic/bold. The trick is going to be finding a way to NOT apply if the font doesn't need it.