Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scintilla update inspires CodeAssistor 0.0.4 beta 3

Scintilla has updated to 2.20. I did the merging of the current Scintilla-Cocoa project on Launchpad (owned by MikeLischke), and proposed that for the trunk branch.

Then I took the proposed change and added all my folding hacks and created the mpatch2.20 branch. CodeAssistor runs off of the mpatch2.20 branch now after some minor changes to the CScintillaController.cpp file

No user experience changes, just a better underneath library

you can find beta 3 here:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CodeAssistor 0.0.4 in beta 2

Major tweaks to folding (performance & functional), and running windows as a static compile.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

CodeAssistor 0.0.4 in beta

If finished the feature work on 0.0.4 and am therefore going to put it into beta stage

- Proper Java colurizing. all classes from Java API 1.5 are colourized similar to how the c standard library is coloured in C code
- python, php, perl, batch, bash colourized
- python, php, perl, bash folding
- better scrolling
- horizontal mouse scrolling on mac improved
- wider line number margin
- hpp files now recognized
- preprocessor Cstyle folding
- default style is objectivecpp
- can open to a specific line on windows version
- Warnings when attempting to save a file with access restriction.

Download the beta at: Windows or Mac