Saturday, May 31, 2008

Qt: Utopia Attack Calculator

So why have I been learning Qt... I've been learning Qt because I play an online war game called "Utopia". Utopia used to be really big with 80,000 people playing on it. On Windows a program called Utopia Angel helps players format and calculate their play.

Utopia Angel is created in a language called Delphi (which I know very little about), is completely closed source and does not run on Linux or Mac unless you use VMware or Wine. Brother Green, the main programmer for Angel has said publically that he will not be making a linux/mac port.

Anywho... Utopia is no longer as successful as when I was in highschool. About 20,000 players play the game now, and formatters aren't really as useful as the game shows you some calculations already. However its still been a goal of mine to create an Angel competitor.

Soo... without further adue here is my version 1 of the Open Source Utopia Attack Calculator (OSUAC).

I need to write some Regular Expressions to scrape the Utopia pages to do formatting... but the OSUAC already monitors the system clipboard (hack needed to be done on Linux because X doesn't share the clipboard like Windows or Aqua).

My Goals are these... To call the program a success
Users: 1000+
Community: 3+ developers, 10+ testers
Programmers must have fun developing the application

So anyway... soon I think I should go to sourceforge and figure out how to share the OSUAC... soon meaning whenever I have some spare time from work (53h last week :) )

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Programmers of the world... you must try Kscope... it has most of the functionality of source insight, but isn't quite as slick.

Kscope definately gets my thumbs up (I wish it was multiplatform!!!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

More adventures in QT

following an online tutorial I made the above last night using QTDesigner... it was really simple.... thats a screeny of the compiled code running.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My awesome car

My awesome car gets 42mpg on the highway!

Don't be Evil

**NOTE** Links here (except the slashdot link) are either really fucking disgusting or have got people killed... I DONT WANT YOU TO VISIT THEM

So I woke up today to read this on The Slashdot (the leader of the free world prefaces sites on the internets with the word "the"... I should do the same)

In short... The Google complied to Indian authorities demanding to know the IP address of someone who posted images depicting a Hindu God in a "profane" way. Of course, slashdot didn't link me to the images, so I dont know if they ARE profane or not... but that doesn't matter -- I live in a country that protects a persons inalienable right to free speech, whether that be pictures like this, pictures like this, or even pictures like this.

So the Indian authorities went to the ISP owning the IP address, arrested the man whom had the IP address. They beat this man, and made him eat shit *literally* THEY GOT THE WRONG MAN!!!

So let me sum up... The Google helped the Indian authorities arrest beat and torture a man completely innocent... even if the man wasn't innocent of what they said, the "crime" is something that is an inalienable right in The Google's Headquarters (Google is home in Mountainview California... The US is big on free speech).

Now we come to the part about ME.

I use the Google... I love(d) the Google. The Google provides the best email services/search services/and hosts this blog. I use Google services because they are premier, and better than all the rest. So what am I to do?

I've linked to images that are really really controversial (pictures of Mohammed might get me killed! Christians might shun me for linking to an image of the Virgin Mary covered in shit... Gay Pron is not well received by the masses)... is Google going to give up my IP so that I can be punished for expressing myself?

Should I boycott the Google for Doing Evil? I just dont know what I would use if not for Google.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Hometown

Pictures of my hometown... then pictures of what has become of my public school

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Highway 7

Drove to my parents house and took the very scenic highway 7... some pics

Ford just doesn't get it do they

So on my way to work on Thursday I saw someone driving a "Ford Escape Limited" from Kanata Ford....

Think about that for a second.... a _LIMITED_ Escape from somewhere you Cannat-afford?

I want a full escape for free damnit! There are Model-Ts rolling in a junk heap somewhere.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Man Im tired

left the door at 8am, got back home at 8pm.... long days are good though, cause it makes me feel needed @ work. I feel special that I was given something urgent to look at in my first 2 weeks.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My first Blackberry Pictures

So now I really have a reason to blog... I'll have images:) here are the first ones

View from my living-room window

More view from living room

Creek as seen from living room

The batmobile, my awesome car (I get 35mpg!)

Where I work

Off to the distance from where I work

Batmobile in batcave

Front of my home

Pictures of my Living room

the Blackberry, the Pictures, and the Macintosh: A Bluetooth Western

Howdy pardners

t'Day we gone learn 'bout taken dem der pichers on bakberr 8330, and uploo'in dem teh yer Maa'Intash.

Took me a while to figure out, but now I'm going to give you a guided tour of taking pictures on your Curve, and uploading them to your Macbook via bluetooth.

Step 1: Pair the devices
a) On 8330: Scroll to the Radio Antenna *click* -> Setup bluetooth *click* -> Allow another device to find me *click* -> OK *click -> "Waiting for a connection"

b) On Mac: Bluetooth Icon -> Setup a Bluetooth Device *click* -> Continue *click* -> Mobile Phone *click* -> continue *click* -> BlackBerry 8330 Continue *click* -> Continue *click* -> Remember NUMBERS

c) On 8330: Enter Numbers on Phone -> When "Accept connection request from " shows up make sure to click "Don't ask this again" and then YES
d) On Mac: clickthrough to finish

Step 2: Security Options on the Macbook
In System Prefs -> Sharing -> Enable Bluetooth Sharing.

Step 3: Sending the Media
On Device: Go to the media you want to send -> Send Using Bluetooth *click*
On Mac: Accept in Documents look for your media.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My adventures in QT

QT seems really nifty. Cross platform GUI API+tools for C++.

Here is where my adventure starts

Bug 1: In windows, after installation you must set full permissions of the install dir for anyone wishing to invoke qmake.

Bug 2: Rather than invoking qmake as explained in most tutorials, Mac users must invoke qmake -spec macx-g++ No one told me this... but Im telling you.

Bug 3: QtWebKit requires you to manually edit the Makefile generated by the bug2 command.... perhaps you need to do more with -spec

figuring out these issues took me 2 nights work (interrupted by a couple hours of TV of course), I hope I saved you that time.

Monday, May 5, 2008

First Day at Work

I had a good first day at work... of course, I do not yet have access to the source code that I will be working on (red tape), but I got lots of other admin type stuff done today.

I had a good meeting with my new manager (my old manager moved to a different team) and I feel very positive about the work I will be doing.

Of course, dont look here for any tidbits about whats going on where I work... I really cannot speak about anything related to what I do.