Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't be Evil

**NOTE** Links here (except the slashdot link) are either really fucking disgusting or have got people killed... I DONT WANT YOU TO VISIT THEM

So I woke up today to read this on The Slashdot (the leader of the free world prefaces sites on the internets with the word "the"... I should do the same)

In short... The Google complied to Indian authorities demanding to know the IP address of someone who posted images depicting a Hindu God in a "profane" way. Of course, slashdot didn't link me to the images, so I dont know if they ARE profane or not... but that doesn't matter -- I live in a country that protects a persons inalienable right to free speech, whether that be pictures like this, pictures like this, or even pictures like this.

So the Indian authorities went to the ISP owning the IP address, arrested the man whom had the IP address. They beat this man, and made him eat shit *literally* THEY GOT THE WRONG MAN!!!

So let me sum up... The Google helped the Indian authorities arrest beat and torture a man completely innocent... even if the man wasn't innocent of what they said, the "crime" is something that is an inalienable right in The Google's Headquarters (Google is home in Mountainview California... The US is big on free speech).

Now we come to the part about ME.

I use the Google... I love(d) the Google. The Google provides the best email services/search services/and hosts this blog. I use Google services because they are premier, and better than all the rest. So what am I to do?

I've linked to images that are really really controversial (pictures of Mohammed might get me killed! Christians might shun me for linking to an image of the Virgin Mary covered in shit... Gay Pron is not well received by the masses)... is Google going to give up my IP so that I can be punished for expressing myself?

Should I boycott the Google for Doing Evil? I just dont know what I would use if not for Google.

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