Friday, May 23, 2008

More adventures in QT

following an online tutorial I made the above last night using QTDesigner... it was really simple.... thats a screeny of the compiled code running.


Cesar said...

That second pic is linked to a local file uri (file:///home/...)

Your going to have to explain coren ;)

Michael Mullin said...

? /me doesn't get the joke.

Cesar said...

if you right-click the second image in the post and click properties (or whatever the devil it is in Safari), you'll see that the url is "file:///home/coren/Desktop/Screenshot-Dialog.png". I just wondered where the coren came from :)

Michael Mullin said...

I was going to say "What second image" as I do not see the image @home on FF3... however @work with FF2 I see what you mean now.

There isn't supposed to be a second image... plz ignore.