Thursday, May 8, 2008

My adventures in QT

QT seems really nifty. Cross platform GUI API+tools for C++.

Here is where my adventure starts

Bug 1: In windows, after installation you must set full permissions of the install dir for anyone wishing to invoke qmake.

Bug 2: Rather than invoking qmake as explained in most tutorials, Mac users must invoke qmake -spec macx-g++ No one told me this... but Im telling you.

Bug 3: QtWebKit requires you to manually edit the Makefile generated by the bug2 command.... perhaps you need to do more with -spec

figuring out these issues took me 2 nights work (interrupted by a couple hours of TV of course), I hope I saved you that time.


Cesar said...

How does it look on a mac (out of place)? Or are you still experimenting?

Michael Mullin said...

I only did a single button GUI interface, but it looked native enough. You'll have to wait for future editions of my blog.