Monday, April 20, 2009

If she only had a penny

If Susan Boyle just had a penny for everyone who watched her on YouTube....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Upgrade in RAM

So I Upgraded my RAM today... 2->4 for $60bucks... not bad I thinks. Im running VMware with windows(2GB ram) and linux(1GB) right now...

All three systems are running basically as fast as when I had 2GB, however I am running 2 vms at once now... something I didn't do before. Im going to try LFS again and time what 1SBU is now that I can dedicate lots more ram to the VM:)

LFS - pt3

So I restarted using EXACTLY what the LFS book says (not using up-to-date gcc or kernel) and I've gotten to the second recompilation of gcc... build broken

Im making slow but steady steps... thank god for VMware and the ability to roll back, I'd be lost without it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Linux From Scratch - pt 2

So I've started to compile binutils... time to extract(unzip) binutils is:

extract time:
real 0m18.281s
user 0m6.703s
sys 0m12.316s

time { make && make install; }:
ERROR on compile... ROLLING BACK

2nd try
problem: needed to log out-log in to lfs after setting .bashrc

extract time:
real 0m18.967s
user 0m7.1003s
sys 0m11.503s

configure time:
real 6.68s
user 1.14s
sys 3.246s

time { make && make install; }:
real 3min 1.46sec
user 1m10.925s
sys 1m45.680

Cant build glibc going to give up for today... try again later.

Linux From Scratch

Im trying to install Linux from scratch on VMware Fusion. This is the first time I've done LFS so we'll see how it goes.

Right now Ive booted the LiveCD, created my partitions on /dev/sda and am in the middle of downloading all the required packages. I'll keep you up to date :)

One change to the packages Im downloading is the gcc compiler... Im downloading 4.3.3 rather than 4.3.2 as 4.3.3 is the latest stable release, command options should be the same as 4.3.2, and I'll always have this nagging desire to recompile everything with the newer gcc if I dont do this... we shall see if this is a mistake

another change is that I am going to use the 2.6.28.x kernel rather than the 2.6.27.x kernel listed.

I took a snapshot after I dled all the packages (before patches)... more in my next post