Saturday, March 14, 2009

Linux From Scratch - pt 2

So I've started to compile binutils... time to extract(unzip) binutils is:

extract time:
real 0m18.281s
user 0m6.703s
sys 0m12.316s

time { make && make install; }:
ERROR on compile... ROLLING BACK

2nd try
problem: needed to log out-log in to lfs after setting .bashrc

extract time:
real 0m18.967s
user 0m7.1003s
sys 0m11.503s

configure time:
real 6.68s
user 1.14s
sys 3.246s

time { make && make install; }:
real 3min 1.46sec
user 1m10.925s
sys 1m45.680

Cant build glibc going to give up for today... try again later.

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