Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GTK coming along

GTK is opening up the file, folding the code. I have an initial menu (although there are no items in the menu... its a start).

Im having a good time doing GTK programming. I love to learn new (and useful) APIs, and GTK programming is pretty straightforward.

On a not so fun note, I got a bad review on Fossforus :( a user didn't like it that CodeAssistor doesn't have tabs and therefore called the program "useless" . I have to defend my creation... CA is far from useless, I use it everyday at work, its folding capabilities and simplicity really help me. But yeah, tabs would be nice in the future. When you get, say, 7 or more editor windows, things start getting cluttered, and you start to realize that tabs would be nice.

More important than tabs are basic features that all text editors need (eg. search and replace).

That said, I am up to 430 downloads of 0.0.5 :) hopefully someone is finding the program useful.

Soon, very soon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

More Linux Work

Linux work is slowly progressing. the XC files have been set up for linux compilation and my ScintillaControllers are working on linux. I know very little about GTK so going will be slow until I am comfortable with the API.

One noteworthy thing... Version 0.0.5 just passed the 360 mark for total downloads from launchpad (this says nothing about how many downloads have occurred on all those shareware sites). Im scratching my head at how this happened. Last night there was a total of 91 downloads, and I am unaware of any "lists" that I would have been put on lately.

Im curious about who has downloaded CodeAssistor, and Im especially interested in bug reports. So if you are out there, you're reading this, and you use CA, send me an email or post a comment or file a bug-report :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here we come Linux

Some refactoring has been done, more refactoring will come as I learn more about GTK and see more stuff that I am doing wrong.

Thats said... basic (very very basic... ie it only opens a basic text editor) has been implemented on GTK for CodeAssistor.

I've tested the windows version under WINE and it works really well... but lets make a native app.

Linux here we come

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CodeAssistor v0.0.5 final release

Found one bug from beta, fixed it, ready 2 go so lets shipit!

Grab the final version of 0.0.5

Change Notes
- Single Instance on Windows (already single instance on mac)
- Drag and Drop support
- Folding Fixes


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well that was easy

So I was able to get the drag'n'drop on windows complete in less than an hour. This is a really quick release timeframe so far, considering that these features are quite major.

Anyway, grab the beta and raise some bugs please

Able to get stuff done thanks to a bum knee

I've been able to churn out a bunch of code this weekend thanks to a bum knee keeping from leaving my computer-den.

I've implemented the single instance application on windows, fixed a small folding bug, and implemented drag'n'drop on mac. I think I may drop the commandline tools for mac from 0.0.5 since well... I dont really need them. That leaves implementing drag'n'drop on windows and ready to release.

might even go straight to beta passing over the alpha phase, we'll see if I can get the win drag'n'drop done tonight.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

CodeAssistor Feature Plotline

So here is what I am thinking for the work items to do for CodeAssistor before I give it the full v1.0.0 treatment

- Single Application in Windows
eg. Right now when you double click on a .c file, a separate instance of CodeAssistor will be started, even if there is an application running at the moment
- Mac Commandline utilities
eg. Cannot demand codeAssistor to start at a particular line of a file like you can with windows
- Drag and Drop
eg. Drag a file from finder/explorer into the editor, editor should display file
- Folding fixes

v0.1.0 - major update
- Refactoring
eg. quite a bit of duplicated code has crept in (like notification stuff)
- GTK port
- Update the file if the file is changed by an external editor
- Compile on Windows via Visual Studio

- Upgrade all dialogs
- Add Search & Replace
- Add replace all instances of word

- Change appearance dialogs (fonts, colours, backgrounds)... store the prefs
- highlight all instances of a selected word

After these tasks are complete, I think CodeAssistor will be a full fleshed out (although bare) Editor. I can start building outward from there

Post 1.0.0 ideas (small/tight IDE)
- Macros/Scripting
- Cross Reference
- VI controls
*- CoreText rather than ATSUI on Mac
- Project like control over many files
- gdb integration

Friday, August 13, 2010

CodeAssistor Major folding bug fixed

CodeAssistor has had a rather nasty corner case bug re:folding since I initially implemented the feature. It's somewhat difficult to find, but its bothered me since day1. I've had to work around the bug as best I could, but all workarounds were less than optimal. Today, I received a patch from the Scintilla team that would allow me to have an optimal folding experience; gaahhh its 2 days after I released 0.0.4!

Well anyways, the nasty folding problem is gone and the code is in my repos. There is a second folding bug I've found now relating to "fold all" on very simple files... I guess 0.0.5 will be a bugfix release?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CodeAssistor v0.0.4 final

Bugs fixed, updated the windows compiler to 4.5 (new scintilla requires TDM mingw 4.5). Time for final release.

So I updated the binaries, uploaded the SRC zip, alerted Fossforus and freshmeat. Time to move on to 0.0.5.

Minefields "copy link location" seems to be broken today, so here is the link to all relevant downloads (https://launchpad.net/codeassistor/+download).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CodeAssistor Release Candidate 1 for v0.0.4

after fixing some bugs found during beta testing, Ive decided that 0.0.4 is ready for the "release candidate" label.

Download it