Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GTK coming along

GTK is opening up the file, folding the code. I have an initial menu (although there are no items in the menu... its a start).

Im having a good time doing GTK programming. I love to learn new (and useful) APIs, and GTK programming is pretty straightforward.

On a not so fun note, I got a bad review on Fossforus :( a user didn't like it that CodeAssistor doesn't have tabs and therefore called the program "useless" . I have to defend my creation... CA is far from useless, I use it everyday at work, its folding capabilities and simplicity really help me. But yeah, tabs would be nice in the future. When you get, say, 7 or more editor windows, things start getting cluttered, and you start to realize that tabs would be nice.

More important than tabs are basic features that all text editors need (eg. search and replace).

That said, I am up to 430 downloads of 0.0.5 :) hopefully someone is finding the program useful.

Soon, very soon!

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