Saturday, August 14, 2010

CodeAssistor Feature Plotline

So here is what I am thinking for the work items to do for CodeAssistor before I give it the full v1.0.0 treatment

- Single Application in Windows
eg. Right now when you double click on a .c file, a separate instance of CodeAssistor will be started, even if there is an application running at the moment
- Mac Commandline utilities
eg. Cannot demand codeAssistor to start at a particular line of a file like you can with windows
- Drag and Drop
eg. Drag a file from finder/explorer into the editor, editor should display file
- Folding fixes

v0.1.0 - major update
- Refactoring
eg. quite a bit of duplicated code has crept in (like notification stuff)
- GTK port
- Update the file if the file is changed by an external editor
- Compile on Windows via Visual Studio

- Upgrade all dialogs
- Add Search & Replace
- Add replace all instances of word

- Change appearance dialogs (fonts, colours, backgrounds)... store the prefs
- highlight all instances of a selected word

After these tasks are complete, I think CodeAssistor will be a full fleshed out (although bare) Editor. I can start building outward from there

Post 1.0.0 ideas (small/tight IDE)
- Macros/Scripting
- Cross Reference
- VI controls
*- CoreText rather than ATSUI on Mac
- Project like control over many files
- gdb integration

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