Monday, August 23, 2010

More Linux Work

Linux work is slowly progressing. the XC files have been set up for linux compilation and my ScintillaControllers are working on linux. I know very little about GTK so going will be slow until I am comfortable with the API.

One noteworthy thing... Version 0.0.5 just passed the 360 mark for total downloads from launchpad (this says nothing about how many downloads have occurred on all those shareware sites). Im scratching my head at how this happened. Last night there was a total of 91 downloads, and I am unaware of any "lists" that I would have been put on lately.

Im curious about who has downloaded CodeAssistor, and Im especially interested in bug reports. So if you are out there, you're reading this, and you use CA, send me an email or post a comment or file a bug-report :)

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