Saturday, May 31, 2008

Qt: Utopia Attack Calculator

So why have I been learning Qt... I've been learning Qt because I play an online war game called "Utopia". Utopia used to be really big with 80,000 people playing on it. On Windows a program called Utopia Angel helps players format and calculate their play.

Utopia Angel is created in a language called Delphi (which I know very little about), is completely closed source and does not run on Linux or Mac unless you use VMware or Wine. Brother Green, the main programmer for Angel has said publically that he will not be making a linux/mac port.

Anywho... Utopia is no longer as successful as when I was in highschool. About 20,000 players play the game now, and formatters aren't really as useful as the game shows you some calculations already. However its still been a goal of mine to create an Angel competitor.

Soo... without further adue here is my version 1 of the Open Source Utopia Attack Calculator (OSUAC).

I need to write some Regular Expressions to scrape the Utopia pages to do formatting... but the OSUAC already monitors the system clipboard (hack needed to be done on Linux because X doesn't share the clipboard like Windows or Aqua).

My Goals are these... To call the program a success
Users: 1000+
Community: 3+ developers, 10+ testers
Programmers must have fun developing the application

So anyway... soon I think I should go to sourceforge and figure out how to share the OSUAC... soon meaning whenever I have some spare time from work (53h last week :) )


Cesar said...

That was such a frick'n addicting game. I'm sorta glad I gave it up when I started college.

Anyways, there are still attack bonuses and stuff. I don't see that in the UI (yet). That game was just frustrating. I think the best Honor I got was a Marquis at ~600 acres :)
Until some !@#$ at thrice my size invaded for like 200+ honor :(

Also, ruler doesn't really matter (does it?). But I guess that's all going to be filled in when you do the copy and paste thing.

Good luck!

Daniel Braun said...

When will you release a beta version, then?

Michael Mullin said...

Might be a while... there is a crunch on at work and I barely have enough time to do my laundry let alone program personal things:)

Crunch should be lessened in 2 weeks, so I'll get back on the horse then.

Michael Mullin said...