Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The CodeAssistor released v0.0.1

I've released my first version of the CodeAssistor software. CodeAssistor is an extremely simple MacOSX code editor that works with c,cpp,cxx,h,m,mm,xc,java, and txt files.

Whats an .xc file you ask? Well because CodeAssistor will one day become cross platform I wrote a few helper functions to facilitate using either ObjectiveC code or C/C++ code (via #ifdefs). On Macs the .xc file will be compiled using -x objective-c++ and on other platforms can be compiled as c or c++ code.
With the help of these helperfuncs I've been able to keep the Scintilla Controller classes strictly c++ rather than Objective-C++, and therefore it will be easier to port to windows/linux.
Basically .xc stands for "Cross C"

I like using it a lot. It's my main editor now. I like creating it a lot. There are still LOTS of features to work on (anyone feel like helping? contact me at

I released it under the BSD licence, so yeah... have at'er.

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dave said...

Great to see you hacking on open source still, and also great to see it happening on our Seneca Planet. One comment -- you need to put some links up so people can find this stuff. Looking forward to more posts.