Friday, February 29, 2008

Building Webkit

Today there was a slashdot article about one of Vlad's blogs... the topic made me revisit my Safari browser after a long time with Firefox... I decided to grab the source code and try building.

Along the way, I noticed that Windows users had to download non-open source code to get webkit to build properly. I went on their IRC and talked to a few guys there.... one guy bfulgham is working on porting the webkit back to cairo
mmullin: The port already exists, in that GTK+ is Cairo-based. I have heard rumblings that wxWindows may switch to Cairo due to problems they have had with the GDI code.
[12:34p] bfulgham:
So it's mostly a matter of plugging into the existing Cairo framework. It's a great thing, because almost all necessary functions are in place, and as soon as the GTK guys add new functionality, the Windows port pretty much gets it for free.
[12:35p] bfulgham:
Also, WebKit was originally Cairo-based on Windows, so there is useful historical information in the SVN archive."
Im currently following their guide to build on Mac right now... but will try this cairo-windows soon.

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