Saturday, June 19, 2010

CodeAssistor - version 0-0-3 Final

After fixing a few more bugs than I expected, the CodeAssistor version 0.0.3 is completed and barring any major bugs, finalized. I've updated Freashmeat and FOSSFORUS, placed the binaries and the source as zip files for general consumption.

The major task for 0.0.3 was windows support, however, since CodeAssistor is my primary editor now, I added functions that I really really wanted (such as foldAll).

Version 0.0.4 will target UI polish. I want to do things such as
- Better Java colouring
- Add Python/Perl/PHP/Win-Batch colouring and folding
- Darkmode where a darkcolour is the background ... lots of people like dark backgrounds
(note: I do not want to give the user the power to chose their own colour scheme... this may seem fascist or lazy of me, but my main goal is to have a very simple feature set... adding user defined colour schemes and font schemes adds a LOT of feature complexity, adds to the size of the final binary, and is sort of antithesis of what I want to accomplish... Im not just creating a notepad++ clone, I purposefully want something smaller... and yes, its a lot of work to add that stuff :P)
- Better Windows dialogs - Should be more similar to Windows Notepad.

Windows Executable
Macintosh Application
Source Code (including my version of Scintilla for superior folding)

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