Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CodeAssistor - version 0.0.4 started

Version 0.0.4 is started. Java is colourized properly, and includes colourization of all the classes from the 1.5 JavaAPI. Python support is in both windows and mac and is colourized and folds properly... I dont use Python much so I am going to have to depend on other people to raise bugs against python.

Speaking of bugs... no one has raised any yet (I know they exist!), yet I've had ~65 downloads (I make the assumption that there are 15 users from that amount of downloads) since 0.0.3 was finalized. If you users are reading this, thanks for using the software and that your comments/critisms/bugfinds are welcome. Also, Launchpad makes "drive by" contributions very easy if a developer wants to join me by adding Linux support.

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