Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moz Compiling

I want to compile the firefox browser.  here are my experiences doing so

1) downloaded the source... easy enough to download
2) configured my mozilla/browser/config/mozconfig file... easy enough
3) export mozilla/browser/config/mozconfig... easy enough
4) make -f build... doh error, I need libIDL
  a) install Fink  ... easy enough (reload, re export)
  b) use apt-get to install libIDL ... easy enough
5) make again
6) watch compiling
7) 25-30 min later run the ... voila :)

1 comment:

dave said...

Awesome. I like to see you jumping ahead like this. Keep it up.

One question: did you build from a tarball? If so, you should use CVS instead.

When you do make, start with this:

make -f checkout
make -f build

or all in one step:

make -f

If you already have a tree checked-out, doing 'make...checkout' will do a CVS update for you.