Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thoughts on Revolution OS

I thought this was going to be a poorly produced documentary, and I wasn't looking forward to watching this at all.  However after watching for the first 5 minutes I was engrossed.

I don't really have many thoughts on the movie other than I thought it was a nice history lesson.  I myself am a linux user (I used to be rabid and used it as my desktop and server, but now that I've found mac OSX...).  The movie could have used some controversy (perhaps talk about Hans Reiser) and Michael Moore would have done well to produce this flick.

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backinblakk said...

I'd be curious to talk with you about how you are finding the mac after being a linux user. I'm personally more comfortable with the mac (as a user) and then have been learning the linux/unix stuff through this program. I've been interested in casting away windows but am afraid to take that big of a leap.