Thursday, November 15, 2007

State of the font

Its about time that I post about the DPS project I am doing.

What I want to do with the project is try out ATSUI for font display, rather than the current use of CGglyphs. Using ATSUI is different from the current method of rendering fonts because ATSUI renders a whole line of text, while CG renders an array of glyphs.

I want to use ATSUI because ATSUI gives you the ability to "set" italics/bold etc on a line of text, thus when you render the ATSUTextLayout object, it will be nicely italisized/bolded.

So I had been having tonnes of difficulty until earlier this week, when I made a breakthrough and finally printed "something" using ATSUI. Since then I have continued to improve my work, and I can now print some of the actual html text that firefox is receiving from web pages.

Look here for a screeny
What I wanted to have complete for Friday (today), is have the italics/bold happening when it should be. I unfortunately haven't gotten that far yet.

I'll work tomorrow evening on getting things bold/italics.

You can find the patch that does rendering in ATSUI here

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