Friday, November 23, 2007

What can you do with a drunken sailor?

I went crosstown today to pickup a package from fedex. Wohhoo! a Blackberry device.

I went from having no cellphone, basic home phone to ultra-connected! Seriously, here is how my life is better for having a blackberry device.

1) gmail, send receive in a pushy way:)
2) sync to my gcal (via iCal)
3) sync my address book
4) sync memos/notes (to and from device via
5) sync tasks
6) receive/send telephone calls (though I am long distance in toronto)
7) receive/send SMS
8) Blackberry PIN
9) Windows Messenger Live
10) Surf the interwebs
11) GPS my position
12) Google talk
13) tell time, set an alarm
13) do quick calculations on the calculator

i was previously using my iPod 80gig as a
sync'd calendar
sync'd contact list
sync'd notes
music player
video player
portable data
now it looks like the ipod will be a media player/portable data device, and not an organizer (its not a very good organizer).

What does the slogan always on mean to me? It means that "unless I choose to switch off, i can always keep lines of communication open."

Today was a fun day... kinda like Christmas was when I was a kid:)

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