Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ubuntu part 2

Ok in this session Im going to configure essential services that I need. This includes
  1. Firestarter - a firewall
  2. ssh/scp - remote sessions and remote file transfer
  3. svn for remote computers
  4. basic http server
1) Firestarter. I already installed it, I want 1114 and 1115 for Azureus. I want 80 for webserver, 22 for SSH. 443 because I intend on putting https sometime soon. All done with an easy GUI.

2) ssh/scp. Ready from startup

3) K, I have to install svn server first. Use synaptic for subversion and subversion-tools... check, copy in a tgz I created from my old repo and do a checkout on the code... check. I have to fool around with svnserve.
Ok I created an unpriveledged user called svn and a group called svn. added my normal uname to the group and changed permissions on the repositories to 'chmod g+rx -R *' I can checkout fine, and cannot commit which my normal user... which is what I wanted

Now I want to figure out how I can submit as the svn user..... --username doesn't work like I thought. Ok... the commit plan is to co as svn 'svn svn+ssh://svn@ change' then svn diff > patch.txt the changed work, then patch -p0 < patch.txt... after that I can commit from the change repo :)

Next step is to allow anonymous access.... inside each repo is a conf/svnserve.conf file... add the line anon-access = read.

4) Basic Http server is ready from install :)

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