Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mac Keyboard Layout: Just a rambling.

Went to school today without my laptop, and I used the schools desktops in Windows.

Dang I wish there was some way of converting a windows machine keyboard layout into mac keyboard layout.

If you dont know Apple uses the "cmd key" (labeled with the apple logo... similar to the key labeled with the windows logo on a normal keyboard) for pretty much everything, and for everything that doesn't use the cmd key, you can use a program like QuickSilver or Butler to do a user defined mapping.

I use these commands regularly
Cmd+Q - Quit the Appliciation
Cmd+W - Quit the current user interface/tab (doesn't close the application, but closes the GUI your currently looking at)
Cmd+R - QUICKSILVER - Start Terminal.app
Cmd+F - Find (in most apps)
Cmd+T - new tab
Cmd+Alt+Right/Left - move tabs in Firefox
Cmd+Shift+[/] - move tabs in Terminal.app (Dang this should be exact same as FF... I should Quicksilver this ... oh well Im too lazy to switch and I've memorized the motion already)
Cmd+N - New thing (like new document in Pages, or New Window in FF)
Cmd+E - QUICKSILVER - New Finder
and so on...

Most importantly, Cmd+c/Cmd+x/Cmd+v/Cmd+s for copy/cut/paste/save!

Anyway... I like the mac keyboard layout, its superior to the windows one I think... but its hard to switch back to Windows. I just wanted to complain!

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