Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Toronto Earth Hour Failure: C3P0 says "We're Doomed"

Yesterday, March 29, 2008 between 8-9PM was earth hour. It was a total failure.

To start, two of Canada's biggest hockey teams were playing at that time, I suspect many eyes were glued to un-switched-off-sets to watch the hometown Leafs defeat their arch rival Canadiens.

I turned off my lights and went grocery shopping during the hour... because I live in a basement which has absolutely no source of light other than electricity I would have been bumping into things constantly if I didn't. What I saw when I walked through my neighbourhood is about 50% houses with lights on... all the stores at Dufferin and Steeles had their lights on and all the streetlights were lit while I walked past.

While I disagreed with the stated goal of Earth Hour (raising awareness my butt), the reason I participated was because I believe that earth hour was a test to see if humanity could collectively get its ass together and switch off for just 1 hour a year. I viewed the occurance as a sort of Prisoners Dilemma where if we would all switch off together our human race would be saved, if people don't come together and switch off... well then we're doomed.

If you did switch off you are in the worst position, not only are you doomed, but you didn't get to see the majority of the Leafs vs Habs.

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