Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reply to the Moz Cause

Mark Paruzel talks about the recent acid3 tests in his latest blog entry. His entry prompted me to try out my various browsers on the acid3.

I looked at firefox (latest release)
a trunk firefox build I do myself
Safari 3.0.4 (latest release)
a trunk Webkit build I do myself.

Firefox Release = 52 tests passed (same as AA report)
Safari Release = 39 tests passed (same as AA report) -- this explains Mark's bad experiences with Safari
Firefox Trunk =69 tests passed (same as AA report)
Safari Trunk = 90 test passed (same as AA report)

I cannot claim to how verifiable these tests are, I do not run Safari (either build) very much, so I haven't seen very many problems. The "Web Standards Project group" have been around for 10 years now though.

Both Firefox and Safari have meta bugs for Acid3 showing that these two development teams find it worth while to check against acid3.

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