Saturday, March 15, 2008

SVN Timelapse FTW

Its 3am and I cannot sleep. I've been working for a few hours on my DPS912 code... the writing of a shell, and I think I am pretty much done. My post tonight isn't going to be about my code assignment though, this post is about SVN and SVN time-lapse.

I've been using svn to keep track of all my coding assignments this semester because I didn't want to go through the anguish of making code mistakes and not be able to revert myself to a previous working copy... something which happens to me a lot if I dont use a code repository. I've gotten pretty good at using svn on the command line now, but I've found a really nice little tool to use with SVN

The tool is called SVN Time Lapse, and is GPL v2, so it can be used by anyone. What SVN Time Lapse allows you to do is look through your code seeing the changes that have been made from revision to revision. Its akin to the amazing p4 diff that comes with perforce.

Here are some screenies

NOTE: the code browsed is from my assignment... please do not steal this code as it is not Open Source and I can get severely penalized if people take my code and use it for themselves.

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