Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bugzilla Watching

I officially dislike the watching feature of bugzilla. Here is why

What I did is started watching two people on bugzilla; My friend from school Andrew, and the GFX guy Pavlov (Stuart). I setup a gmail filter so that all bugzilla email would go into it's own area. And then I let bugzilla do its thing.

A week and a half later I have 81 conversations in my inbox. Although I can see the subject of the email, I don't know who wrote the comments that spawned the bugzilla-daemon email, and when I open up the email, there is rarely any useful information.

I'd like the bugzilla subject line to show who caused the email to be sent to me (andrew, pavlov, or my selected bug). And I would like to have the option of setting rules that would state that only actual comments are to send emails (rather than status changes, or reports of bug duplicates).

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Mike said...

Hey, Mike. You can configure a bunch of that stuff in the bugzilla email prefs (to only get notified when there are comments, f.e.). It's a little cryptic, but it's better than nothing!