Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok like, So where am I?

Ok so what is the state of my project:

My task is to understand why certain fonts do not apply bold/italics properly to their glyphs on Mac OSX. My previous work has been about trying to understand what happens in rendering process and thus the initialization of gfxFonts. I've walked down to the cairo level of the initialization process attempting to follow how the style value of italics.

I am unsure on what ForEachFont(FindATSUFont, this); does, and is a Fallback something used when the precisely intended font is not available for some reason (donno why that would be though??)

"there may be situations in which ATSUI cannot draw a glyph with the assigned font because the font does not have the glyph in its repertoire." -

// Create the fallback structure
OSStatus status = ::ATSUCreateFontFallbacks(aFallbacks);

Tonights marathon task is to go through the glyph drawing process... I have a fishy feeling I am going to have to take notes on ATSUIFontID values that are going on during init and seeing how this value applys to drawing.

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