Friday, October 26, 2007

Grrr, Im a Leopard (A Review) : I met Ed

This is the first thing I do with Leopard... Be good kitty.

After the Free and Open Source Symposium, I headed over to Data Integrity and reserved a copy of Mac OS X.5. I walked back to the school, talked with a fellow Ed.

Ed had made a claim during one of the talks, that certain Canadian Schoolboards have decided never to install any non-ms software on the computers. Im no longer a linux junkie... after all I put down my $130 for my happy new kitten ... but I felt truly scared that SCHOOLS ban a hugely useful teaching tool.

Thats one of my views on Linux... its a terrific teaching tool. Linux is also great for running as a server, but I digress.

Ed and I talked for 30 minutes or so, he made me aware of certain tactics of politicians to carve deals with Microsoft. Thanks Ed, you made me more aware today.

After our chat, I run over and wait in the huge lineup of 7 ppl for X.5. I ran home (or rather took the bus)... and cleaned up my external drives, 1 Media Drive, 1 portable drive containing my old schoolwork and music for tradesies. Ok lets being

remembers as if it ware 3 hours ago, warning stream of consciousness (SOC)

Pop in the disk, click the "Install Mac OSX" reboot.....
Ok, lets go... ok boot up, great. Ok a screen asking me if I speak english, yes I do... next... ok eula, I read a bit I grep for "soul" "all worldly possessions" and "Agreeing to this document ensures that you and the Lord of Darkness have entered into an unholy pact"... None of those show up... so I guess the eula is safe ... ok accept ... Choose your drive to install ... wait, my drives aren't listed.... WTF... oh no my os X is defective.... lets reboot and try again... ok boot, language, drivers, NONE.... oh no oh no... wait whats this... stuff in the upper lefthand corner .. ok disk utility, hey look, there is my old macintosh HD... lets verify it, ok verified, hey look, now it says "mounted" ... I used to be a linux nerd, it means that now I can use the drive. ok back to the install window, right on my drive is there... ok click continue.... omg its gonna take 3.5h... oh well.... do do do do de de de de lalalalala, ok 2 hours later its done... OH GOODIE. oh, fancy new background... maybe I want to keep this... no there is my claude lorrain background...

Ok enough SOC.

End result to here, everything is kinda the same, the top bar is now transparent, and UI for applications is a wee bit darker, but its mostly the same. All my settings have remained, has the same fonts, and transparency, even remembered all my open web pages.

All my settings have remained: 1
I can ssh into my server : 1
I can run Minefield: 1
I can update my mozilla source code: 1
I can build the mozilla source code: _0_

configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.
oh *$#@

I should install Xcode now...

... a little while later

Ok lets try to compile again... running... running ... success pffew

Nicer things
Finder looks like iTunes now... its actually impressive, the new view option.
I can sort in the normal details view for finder... much more usable. Finder is much improved
Spaces is very much a needed improvement.
I love that iCal shows the right date instead of July 17 now.
the limited time I played with safari let me know its really fast and has some sort of 'cut' feature, where I can add things to my dashboard.... it did my gcal!
vertical external monitor now works (tiger would system halt)

had trouble connecting to my samba share.

Gonna try time machine soon.

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