Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Notepad Entry

Just to be used by me as a notepad entry. I am testing out how I like using a blog instead of a pad of paper beside my computer.... (aka I dont expect you to read this, its not for your benefit its for me to noodle)

CompressedGlyph: gfxFont.h
* This class records the information associated with a character in the
* input string. It's optimized for the case where there is one glyph
* representing that character alone.

a gfxTextRun has an array of these things... hmmm maybe important

textRun->AddGlyphRun(font, 0); in gfxTextRunWordCache looks impressive.

wtf is this ?
static inline PRUint32
HashMix(PRUint32 aHash, PRUnichar aCh)
return (aHash >> 28) ^ (aHash << 4) ^ aCh;

To draw a string, (or rather a nsThebesFontMetrics) Make a gfxTextRun which has a GlyphRun. The gfxTextRun does other fun things with glyphs like SetCharacterGlyph which fills up the glyph array with a 'CompressedGlyph'

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