Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Holy *bleep* this is deeper than I thought

In my debugging I thought to myself. "mike, lets print the font names as they are rendered"... I print them off and I see "Times-Italic" and all the other fonts I am using. So I says to myself, why is the _Name_ of Times-Italic ? Shouldn't Italic just be a style applied to Times?

I open up Font Book.app, and I start looking through the fonts... Times-Italic is an actual font name... so I play around with my test cases and change Times to Lucida Grand and Helvetica, which do not have an entire font associated with italics...

Lo and behold, they do not render as italic in Minefield.... hmmm deeper... why are the fonts not applying style to a font rather than just picking up a premade style.

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