Friday, January 25, 2008

BTR820 Lecture 5

White Papers (2 types)
-promotional (majority)

Promotional papers are meant to capture an audience who have a problem and want discussion on solutions from suppliers

Structure SBFO
header info (to:from:re:etc)
Summary - so you dont have to read the whole thing
Background - history - Past
Facts - current situation - Present
Outcomes - actions to take - Future

White Papers should use a modified SBFO format.

Parts of a WhitePaper
  • Intro
  • Market Drivers
  • Problems
  • Historical Approach
  • Solution
    • Define
    • Benefits
  • Specific Advantages
Exercise: Whitepaper structure on the current state of spam
Definition: cutting edge info (image spam)
Market Drivers: case studies (humber servers crashed and cost them $1M to fix)
History: Trends, Spam Evolution
Solution: Present Trade Marked names of filters
- present technologies that filters rely on (whitelist, bayesian, reporting)
Outcome : Pimp a specific technology and filter

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