Monday, January 14, 2008

Chapter 1s

Ive read the chapter 1 for all of my text books (the ones I have... waiting for amazon on 1 text).

BTR Text is basically a prep-talk about why you want to create white papers, rah rah sort of thing. Use white papers to get ideas to decision makers etc.

BTS text (on RFPs) talks about what problem the RFP is trying to solve. An RFP opens a communication line between suppliers and buyers for a non trivial problem that requires creative solutions. Basically its a way to decide what to buy when you 'kinda' know what your requirements are (eg a business needs to procure some sort of solution to their accounting needs; they need to buy some sort of software; they need some sort of training; they need someone to administrate the accounting;etc). An RFP lets a buyer tell potential suppliers with their needs.

DPS912 - Read chapter 8 which is basically a bunch of functions and what they do... better description than man pages, but relatively the same thing... perhaps you could think of the chapter as a user guide to the functions. Chapter 8 discussed fork, exec(), etc... same things we covered in class.

DPS906 - Read the Game tree notes.... I think I understand better what alpha beta pruning means now. In BTP500 I didn't really understand, when I created a game solution to the critical mass program, the non-alphabeta solution kept beating the alpha-beta solution.

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