Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BTS830 Lecture 2

January 15th, 2008.

Productivity Paradox - absense of a positive relationship between spending on IT and productivity.... spending more doesn't necessarily mean more productivity.

What is the best IT eval method.. sometimes about money, sometimes about productivity, etc.
different ways to pick best

IT investment can be defined as the investment decisions of allocating all types (human, money, physical) of resources to a MIS
Personnel -> Appl. Software -> System Software -> Hardware

Competitive Advantage - poor investments can be a competitive disadvantage
Physical Risk - Equipment (
Managerial Risk - Goals (does it achieve the needs)

Strategic planning -> Tactical planning -> Operational Planning
Strategic - senior manager
Tactical - department heads
Operation - Supervisors
There are 9 steps to the planning
Page 11-20 in the text
  1. - PEST -external
  2. SWOT -internal
  3. overall corporate strategic planning
  4. MIS functional area strategic planning
  5. - process and system engineering
  6. configuration and functionality analysis
  7. IT sys evaluation
  8. - IT system Imp
  9. Post implement analysis
Answer the Review Terms (multi choice) & Discussion Questions (short answer).

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