Sunday, January 13, 2008

DPS912 Lab 1

I've Started the Lab

Doing stuff on my Mac first... then scp up to matrix; I just want to see what happens

problem 1: ps on mac doesn't want to show itself as a process
problem 2:
"12. Modify
process3.c so that instead of sleeping for 5 seconds, the parent waits for the "ps" child to terminate.
13. Compile the program and run it. You should see the zombie "ls" proces again in the output of the first "ps". The second "ps" should show that the second "ps" process itself became an orphan, adopted by PID 1, and that the zombie process is gone."

When I use waitpid for the "PS" child, the PS child should not become an orphan (because we are specifically waiting for it). I think the author meant to say " ... the parent waits for the "ls" child to terminate.

I'll ask about this on Tuesday... until then we pause.

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