Saturday, January 12, 2008

Macbook Pro Battery Crappiness

So for the past 3 days my battery "health" has gone from 90% to 13%. Where on tuesday I had 3h of battery life, now I have about 5 minutes. Something is wrong here!

Im currenly on hold (been 20minutes total) with Apple Support hoping that they will replace my battery (or tell me of some setting which is f'ing up the power settings or something so that I can use my battery for a normal amount of time...

Holy crap, I've spent $400 for apple protection for being on hold for half an hour.... Im pretty disappointed with apple right now.... [Edit: actually thats not bad - I thats pretty awesome actually]

After 30minutes a nice fellow named Scott took me through the System Profiler and determined that apple should send me a new battery. Easy peasy, 15minutes total talking to him and I'll have my new battery in 5-7 business days.

Thanks Scott, you were very professional and deserve a raise [edit: or at least whatever money you are getting paid]

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