Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BTR830 Articles

Adam has asked us to read some whitepapers but we have to find them first

For those of you interested in finding these white papers. Search for Info-Tech on ebooks @ the seneca online library and look for the 2005 book of papers. You'll then be directed to books 24x7.

Managing the PC Lifecycle–Total Cost of Ownership.
This paper is about applying some TCO formula towards PM issues (stuff we learned in BTS730), on things like downtime etc. Didn't read to deep

Spyware–A Serious Threat to Business Security
This paper is on spyware in the business environment (duh!). Didn't read too deap.. just skimmed the headings.

Both these papers are an example of what Adam was discussing in class (the block formatting , the correct use of headings/subheadings etc).

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