Saturday, January 19, 2008

DPS906 Code

We got our assignment for DPS906 yesterday, and found out that Cathy will not be releasing the source of the screen rendering code; though she is releasing the source of the basic game. Cathy instead gave us borland compiled .obj files instead of 2 source files. This is unfortunate.

Cathy isn't releasing the sources because they are the 'answer key' to several difficult 3rd semester courses, and teachers of the 3rd semester would not be happy if she released them.

Luckally, I have code which has an api nearly similar to cathy's code (my answer to the 3rd semester questions in fact... they differ slightly from the answer key in that my code has more functionality and I use references and keep the dynamically allocated data under control by my library rather than letting the programmer do it).

I spent all night and a few minutes today (slaving for 8h pulling my hair out on a small data setting matter, 5minutes today with a eureka moment) to get cathy's game engine running with my ncurses/conio library. Now I have all the source I need to compile with gcc/cl etc.

Perhaps I should release this source code to the rest of the class (technically they should already have it).

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